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Goals of the Club

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General Principles and Aims of the Activities

1. The Lithuanian DAAD club (later - the Club) is a voluntary, social, non-political and non- profit organization which aims at the following:

    * To manifest its contribution by strengthening the relationship between the Lithuanian republic and the Federal republic of Germany, in particular the spheres of education, culture and science.
    * To keep contact with the German service of academic exchange (later – the DAAD), the German embassy in Lithuania and other missions of German institutions in Lithuania, as well as with higher education institutions of Germany .
    * To stay in touch with the former Lithuanian DAAD grant-holders of different branches of science.
    * To maintain and foster contacts among the former DAAD grant- holders of other countries and the organizations represented by them.
    * To advocate the DAAD aims, ideas and spread the information about the principles of its activity in Lithuania.
    * To support and consult young, budding scientists and students who apply for the DAAD scholarship.
    * To cooperate with the German institutions (the DAAD and the German embassy) that assess the applications got for financing and to take part in their assessment and selection at the request of the institutions mentioned.

2. The activity of the Club is not related to profit seeking. The Club functions on the basis of the adopted laws, abiding by the Constitution of the Lithuanian Republic, the Law of Social organizations of Lithuania, the Civil Code of Lithuania, the laws and other judicial acts of the Lithuanian Republic.

3. The residence of the Club is located at Vilnius University, Saulėtekio al.9, bldg. 3, LT-10222 Vilnius, Lithuania.

4. The territory of the Club‘s activity is the Republic of Lithuania.